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Martin Mills has roots in the community which date back to 1923. The great grandfather of the current owners, Absolam Martin purchased a chopping mill and began to grind grains for local farmers which evolved to providing feeds that met general agricultural needs and the poultry industry. This was followed by internationally successful pet food and aquaculture nutrition businesses.

In more recent years, the focus has been redirected to small animal pet foods, horse treats, dog food and cat food with the establishment of a new company MarCam Pet Nutrition Inc. Martins line of little friends™ Small Animal Pet Foods offers food and treats to meet the nutritional needs of pet rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, chinchillas, mice and rats. Our line of Special Moments™ Horse Treats are designed to provide a reward to horses for their excellent performance. Simple™ Dog Food for all life stages provides your pet good old-fashioned complete nutrition.

All of our products are distributed from a HACCP approved facility by a team of dedicated employees.

The Martin philosophy, that has now spanned four generations, is characterized by a genuine belief that the future holds promise and that ongoing innovations to pursue new opportunities are both a goal worth seeking and have the capacity to improve the lives of the people that work at Martin Mills and the customers whom they serve. We also believe that flexibility is key in an environment of change.

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35 Earl Martin Drive
Elmira, Ontario, Canada, N3B 3L4

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